Arizona has the 4th highest incarceration rate in the nation.

One of the most devastating truths about Arizona is that we invest more in private prisons than in education. The Department of Corrections has insisted that crime is up and has convinced the State legislature that more prison beds are needed, but statistics show that both court commitments and crime are actually decreasing. The private prisons used by the state actually cost the state more than its government-owned prisons and incarceration is more expensive than treatment of drug offenders.

The Legislature must work towards ensuring that any formerly incarcerated or convicted person be given a true second chance. In my first term, I have worked hard to build a bipartisan coalition to discuss meaningful efforts such as ban the box, effective transition programs & funding resources to provide basic needs, sentencing reform, and other measures aimed at reducing Arizona's 4th highest incarceration rate. Our children are being taught that every bad behavior should be punished by a jail term and this needs to change. It’s long past time for Arizona to start spending on education rather than the department of corrections.

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