A modern economy for a better Arizona.

As a result of our proximity to ports in Mexico, our rail system and the interstate thruway of I-10, Arizona is a gateway for commerce in the southwest. Add to that our research universities and a growing high-tech sector and you have the makings of a commercial launching pad that could attract businesses from around the world.  

Our abundant sunshine and innovative attitudes make us the smart choice for a solar and green energy revolution. Imagine an Arizona strong in solar panel manufacturing for the world and a thriving transportation community for the shipment of goods.  Imagine an Arizona where companies like General Electric and Tesla want to locate and grow. Imagine an Arizona that is a hub of innovation with a thriving arts community where people want to live, invest, retire and recreate. 

Sadly, polices being pursued by extremist republicans in the legislature are only damaging Arizona’s economic prospects.  For companies looking to relocate, a top, if not the top, issue is an educated workforce. Yet the legislature insists upon cutting education funding year after year.  Companies look for the freedom to innovate and expand, but when Tesla was considering Arizona as a new home, the legislature passed laws directly attacking Tesla’s business model. Innovation is the key to a thriving economy for all Arizonans.

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