From the 2008 Recession through 2015, Arizona has failed to undo the estimated 36.6% decrease (adjusted for inflation) in per student spending.

AZ Republic: Arizona students get less state money now than in 2008, study says.

Arizona needs to fully fund public education.

Every child in Arizona deserves a high quality, free education in our public schools. Education is not only a matter of personal growth and advancement; it is the No. 1 thing we can do to improve our state’s economy. According to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, business CEOs overwhelmingly believe that improving education must be the top priority of state and local governments. Arizona is at the bottom of states in per pupil funding. Since 2008, Arizona has made some of the largest cuts to K-12 funding in the nation -and it shows.  

The Red for Ed movement has shaken up the funding debate at the Capitol, and I am so proud to have stood by our educators to demand better for them, our schools, and most importantly, our students. 

When re-elected I will continue the fight alongside educators to institute permanent sources of funding so our schools do not need to go hat-in-hand to the legislature every year. Public schools statewide are struggling to fill teacher vacancies. Thousands of children are learning from long-term substitute teachers, rather than a permanent certified teacher. If we expect to recruit and sustain great teachers, we must find ways to treat them with the respect they deserve as professionals.

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