Enough is far beyond enough. Gun violence is a crisis facing our country and we must take action to stop it.

It seems every week we turn on the news to see another tragic loss of life from gun violence. Here in Tucson we have felt the fear and sadness that a mass shooting brings to a community. I was with my daughter at a playground on the Rillito when I heard the news that Congresswoman Giffords and 19 others had been shot. One disturbed man with easy access to a firearm was able to cast a shadow on our town that is felt to this day.

We will never be able to prevent all gun violence, but we can take steps to staunch the flow of innocent blood. Common sense reforms such as when President Obama enacted universal background checks that may help prevent more horrific events. Law abiding Arizonans deserve the right to shop for groceries, to take their family to the movies, to gather to hear their representative without fear of becoming a headline on tonight’s news. We must find lawful, common sense solutions to gun violence and not let partisan rhetoric allow one more senseless death.

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