Arizona has been a leader in electing women and LGBTQ+ People, but we fail to protect them in our economy and our legal statutes.

As my daughter grows older I worry about a future where she does not have control over her own health. In Arizona, our legislature continues to pass bill after bill designed to limit access to women’s healthcare. Governor Ducey even signed into law a bill that requires that doctors lie to their patients, stating that drug induced abortions can be reversed. This has been condemned as lacking any scientific basis by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  

I want an Arizona where my daughter gets equal pay for equal work. I want an Arizona where she is guaranteed earned sick and safe leave so she doesn’t have to worry about losing her job just for getting sick. When elected I will fight for Arizona families to have safe, reliable healthcare options. I will fight for equality and security in the workforce. I’m fighting for my daughter’s future and that of my neighbors and my community. It is a fight I do not take lightly. 

Arizona also lacks explicit legal protections for LGBTQ+ Arizonans. I will continue fighting to extend full workplace, residential, and more protections to ALL Arizonans.

CHILDREN deserve vigilant protection and our social services must reflect that priority.

Despite reforms in the last few years, the child welfare system in Arizona is still unable to address the desperate needs of families throughout the state.  The discovery in late 2013 of over 6000 reports of child abuse and neglect that had gone uninvestigated grabbed national headlines.  Bipartisan efforts helped establish the new Department of Child Safety, charged with responding to this crisis.  Governor Ducey’s budget that year, however, only gave the new DCS about 2/3 of what it requested, not nearly enough to enable the Department to tackle the enormous problems Arizona’s families and children are facing.

The Department needs more case workers to adequately investigate the backlog of cases and the thousands of new reports that come into the agency every month.   We have a chronic shortage of foster homes and the state has failed to provide needed services for at risk parents. Rather than finding solutions to the problems, Governor Ducey and Republicans leaders have just redefined success.  I will support all efforts to improve accountability and effectiveness in the new agency.  It is unconscionable that Arizona would continue to ignore those problems facing the most vulnerable in our communities.

Visit my page at the Arizona Legislature website to see bills I’ve sponsored here.